How to USE and make the MOST of your membership?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This learning resource is designed in a stable and structured way by using their favourite activities to learn and practice regularly even for a few minutes at a time or for long as they would like to. They will be able to learn and practice on their own, with siblings, friends, or with you.


  • On the website, you can find a variety of great activities you can do at home with your child to help them learn Spanish: you can choose from short, recorded classes, handouts, songs, online games, quizzes, crafts, cooking, and much more!! You can also participate!


  • If you don’t know Spanish you can also learn with them and if you know some you can then practice. It can be a great bonding time so make the most of it!


  • All the resources you will find here are helpful whether your children already know some Spanish or if they don’t know any Spanish at all. For example, if they are complete beginners, and they want to learn the numbers they can watch the lessons as many times as they need to and complement them with all the other activities. If they already know numbers, they may watch them once to practice, make sure they can read and write them properly and then continue to larger numbers or other lessons and activities. 


  • Even if they already know some Spanish, it is important that they do the activities at least once because this will help them learn consolidate their knowledge and speak and write properly giving them a real head start before they start secondary school.


  • I will also include in the lessons learning tips, cultural insights, games and as they are short, they are easy to watch.


  • Sometimes you may hear I speak a bit fast; I am just training their ears. When introducing or explaining something to them, I make sure it is clear and easy for them to follow so that they will get used to commands, instructions, etc. and afterward I will sometimes speed it up so they can start getting used to how people speak in real life. Training their ears at an early age will also give them a head start not only for further learning but for exams (comprehension) and when they go in the real-life practicing all that they have learnt.


  • Whether they are doing homeschooling, online learning, or their school homework It is important to take breaks so why not use their membership as a fun and productive way to take a break and play some of the games, do a quiz or sing and dance a song doing actions!


  • Even for us psychologically the idea of doing anything including exercise, study, errands etc., that take a long time, can sometimes feel daunting, overwhelming, and we tend to put them off for later. Having small goals make it all more achievable. Knowing that activities start at just a few minutes, your child is more likely to start their learning. And even if they only do that, a few minutes, a game, a quiz, a lesson, whatever they decide to do regularly or daily, it will be consistent and will be great for their progress. Nevertheless, while they are there it is also very likely that they may want to do more and continue their learning, choose a different activity, review past favourites or go forward and carry on with new content. 


  • The fact that they know there will be fun activities and that they can invest however much time they want and choose whichever activity they want, will make them more likely to want to do it regularly. Also knowing that lots of new and exciting ones will be coming, that alone will keep them interested and engaged.


  • As they will be taught by a native speaker, they will improve their pronunciation and understanding of the language at a high level. By immersing themselves in songs and other material, they will improve their grasp of the language itself, again improving their pronunciation and inflection.



Final thoughts 


By making the most of the website and the variety of fun activities it offers, you can help your child learn Spanish more effectively, keeping them interested and entertained so they have fun whilst learning. Your children will thank you for taking this decision for them at a young age, as they will not yet understand the importance of learning a language and will reap the benefits of doing so as they grow up. 


Be proud, you are giving them a head start!

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