Information for Nurseries

Spanish has become more and more popular over the last few years and there is a very high demand for Spanish Clubs. We constantly receive many requests from parents wanting Spanish lessons in their child’s nurseries.
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Advantages For The Nurseries

  • Enhance the level of service that the nursery offers
  • A reputable Spanish Club
  • Clubs AM or PM
  • Hassle free, we do everything!
  • Tailored services to meet the needs of the nursery
  • FUN and learning for the children!

Advantages For Parents and Children

  • Program that will allow parents to follow the progress of their child
  • Progressive specialized courses
  • Multi sensory approach
  • Experienced fully trained native teachers DBS and insured
  • Affordable tuition
  • TPR total physical response
  • LOTS and lots of FUN!

What Do We Need From You?

  • A room where we can teach
We will be happy to discuss with you the best option for your nursery in order to meet your and your nursery needs.

Why Spanish

Spanish is the second world language as a vehicle of international communication and the third as an international language of politics, economics and culture.
  • About 400 million people in the world speak Spanish as their first language.
  • The demand for Spanish courses has doubled world-wide in ten years.
  • Spanish is the official language in 21 countries.
  • Approximately another 100 million people speak Spanish as a second language.
  • Spanish is expected to be the first language of 50% of the population of the United States within 50 years.
  • Spanish is the most popular foreign language to learn in America and Europe.
  • Today Spanish is an official language of the UN and its institutions, the European Union and other international institutions.
  • The Spanish language is used world-wide on the Internet.
  • Latin American countries are experiencing constant economic growth and because of that, are becoming more important as trading partners.
  • By learning Spanish you’ll be able to communicate with another half a billion people and will thereby immediately improve your career prospects and global mobility. Latin American countries are becoming more important as trading partners as their economies grow and as the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) expands to include more of these countries. Spanish is on the rise in the United States itself, with predictions that the US could become a bilingual English/Spanish country as soon as 2050.

Click here to find out how can we help your nursery or to book a no obligation FREE 30 MINUTE TRIAL LESSON.

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