Spanish Amigos Kid’s Clubs


Our program follows the National Curriculum

Spanish Amigos is a Children’s Language Club aimed at providing an introduction and progression to the Spanish language.

We teach
children through a multi-sensory approach that stimulates their natural learning style. As well as fun, Spanish Amigos provides a methodical language program adjusted to the learning ability of different age groups and levels.

We provide
Games, music, activity sheets, acting, manual crafts, competitions,visual aids and parent’s tips for those interested in helping their children at home. The focus will be on communication. Older children will also have the chance to communicate in the written form.

Our aim
is to introduce the children to the Spanish language by a trained and experienced native teacher (vetted by CRB and fully insured) and to make it easy and fun. We build confidence and create enthusiasm for language learning to enable continuity and progression

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Cultural – Did you know that?

Apart from the Spanish Language we want to show your children that there is a whole world out there full of traditions, culture and interesting things for them to discover.

With each topic we cover, in our :Did you know that? Section, we’ll add cultural notes from different Latin American countries and Spain as well as some geography where applicable.

Our Clubs

  • After school Clubs
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Mother & toddler
  • Nurseries
  • Holidays Clubs

All our clubs are progressive, although we will do reviews about the most important subjects, we will always be teaching something new. Therefore we can guarantee that with new terms starting or new children joining the lessons your children won’t be repeating same subjects all over again but learning something new and exciting.

We have different levels and different activities. Every pupil will be treated as an individual with a specific work programme. Each term will follow a program that will allow parents to follow the progress of their child and reinforce the activities at home if they wish to do so. At the end of term we will provide a progress report which will help you monitor the progress of your child.

Mother and Toddler – Spanish With Mummy

You are never too young to learn Spanish! The younger you start the better. These clubs are aimed at pre school children, half hours session.

We are currently looking at venues for these clubs. If you would like a club in your area please contact us.


If you would like your child to learn Spanish at their nursery or are interested in providing Spanish in your nursery please contact us

Holiday Clubs

Language, culture, FUN and PIÑATAS ! ! !

Visiting different countries and learning from the arrival at the airport, on the plane, restaurants, beach, buy and pay in foreign currency, etc. Games, contests, language, cookery, crafts, dance, songs and different activities depending on age group and children’s choice.

We run these 4 day courses during the summer holidays in different areas.

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