Terms and Conditions

– All enrolment fees must be paid in advance or by the first session.

– Late payments will be subject to a £15 administration fee.

– Children must be collected on time. We reserve the right to charge for late collection.

– Courteous and polite behaviour being the norm in our Clubs, we reserve the right to exclude any child who shows inappropriate behaviour.

– We reserve the right to substitute teachers should the need arise.

– Half a term’s notice or fees in lieu will be required if you do not want your child to continue with the lessons

– As a basic principle, no refund is paid for cancellation or in the event of stopping attendance during the course of the term.

– Fees are non-refundable.

– We will ask for your permission to have your child feature in a picture & or video on our main ‘Spanish Amigos’ Facebook page, our Franchisees’ Spanish Amigos pages and or website (www.spanishamigos.co.uk), etc . The photos/ videos will be used only for marketing and training purposes and to promote the service to others in local areas. No names nor details of any child will be mentioned in any posts.

– Online classes
When partaking in an online class, your child is entirely your own responsibility and should be supervised during the class. Please ensure the following: that your child has a safe area in which to partake in the class as there will be physical movement involved; is dressed appropriately for the session; is aware of internet safety. We cannot accept any liability for injury or damage incurred as a result of the classes. We cannot accept liability for anything others may do or say during the class. Participation in the class is at your own risk.

If you have a query please contact us.

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