French as part of the curriculum



At French Amies we share the core-value points of the national curriculum for the language programme which states that teaching should:

  • Focus on developing the breadth and depth of pupils competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing, based on a sound foundation of core grammar and vocabulary.
  • Enable pupils to understand and communicate personal and factual information that goes beyond their immediate needs and interests, developing and justifying points of view in speech and writing, with increased spontaneity, independence and accuracy.
  • Provide suitable preparation for further study.

We have developed a curriculum in French that is friendly with the curriculum of other subjects while still providing high quality and meaningful learning. Children learn through a multi-sensory approach that stimulates their natural learning style. As well as fun, French Amies provides a methodical language program adjusted to the learning ability of different age groups and levels.

Our core values

  • To provide a quality and meaningful teaching programme.
  • Teaching programmes will be both structured and enjoyable.
  • Every pupil will be treated as an individual with specific work programme.
  • To accelerate learning for both immediate use and for further personal development.

Our aims

  • We aim to build confidence.
  • Create enthusiasm for language learning.
  • to enable continuity and progression with an added cultural side.

In addition to the language aspect, there is a cultural side which opens a new world for the students, providing a cultural experience. We teach through a multisensory approach:

  • Visual learning.
  • Auditory learning.
  • Physical learning.
  • Total Involvement.

The materials

Our method and materials have been tested for more than 10 years. With this being said, we do believe in the evolution of teaching and try to develop new methodology and ideas all the time since our society is evolving we do it as well. We are very flexible and able to adjust to specific requirements from the schools.

Every term we see 2 different units.

Children will start the journey through French and at the end of the first term in Y3 term they will be able to:

  • To recognise and respond to sound patterns and words.
  • To perform simple communicative tasks using single words, phrases and short sentences.
  • To recognise some familiar words in written form.
  • To recognise question forms.
  • To imitate pronunciation.

By the end of Y6 they will be able to:

  • Recognise and respond to basic questions.
  • Communicate basic ideas in Spanish.
  • Understand basic commands.
  • Write basic sentences.
  • Use some past tenses.

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We work:

  • Using the latest methodology tendencies in teaching a foreign language.
  • Using activities that develop the cultural and linguistic competency though motivational content adequate for each level/age
  • Using linked content with the general curriculum
  • With an open diversity values and promote the intercultural conscious
  • Active methodology challenging the student though new technologies, fun learning and team work.

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