Give Your Children
Give Your Children

Help Your Child Easily Learn Spanish The Fun, Affordable And Interactive Way


Empower your kids with a new language and a whole new world of possibilities… 

About this course

ONLINE Spanish Lessons for Children 5-10 Year Olds


Create a bigger and brighter future for your children today with the fun and proven Spanish Amigos Online Membership. This is the fast, affordable and effective way to effortlessly teach Spanish to children 5-10 years old. Join Now for a free 7 day trial membership. 

Teach My Children Spanish

Learn Spanish The Right Way

There is a saying, “children can learn as many languages as you teach them”… This is true – assuming they are experiencing the right tools, resources, and information. At Spanish Amigos, we have put together a fun, interactive, and highly-effective program empowering children to enjoy accelerated Spanish learning culture. This membership is packed full of three months of recorded lessons, games, cultural activities, worksheets, songs, video quizzes, crafts, and more for just £47(regular £97). 

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Why Learn Spanish? 

    •       Over 580 million people speak Spanish 

    •       Over 20 countries speak Spanish 

    •       Experience a fresh, vibrant culture 

    •       Open a new world of possibilities 

    •       Improve their first language 

    •       Boost brainpower 

    •       Improve memory


There are thousands of reasons to learn Spanish. Not only will it help your child understand and discover new cultures and languages – but learning Spanish will help them in so many other areas as well. This includes enhanced decision making, increased brain connectivity, memory boost, increased overall academic performance, and much more! Help them in all walks of life by helping them learn Spanish! 


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What You’ll Receive With Spanish Amigos 


Proven Lesson Plan – this program has been carefully developed and fine-tuned to teach Spanish in the most fun, effective and interactive way. This ensures your child will quickly learn and love Spanish.

  • Consistency & Repetition – Spanish Amigos not only helps your child learn but retain their newfound knowledge. Consistency and repetition are the golden rules for learning a new language. 
  • Interactive Lessons – Learning shouldn’t be boring! We help teach in a fun and playful manner so your children not only continue to love Spanish, but continue to love learning! 
  • Complete Spanish Lessons – Your child will learn how to speak, write and read in Spanish! By learning all three they will gain an incredible grasp on Spanish and have a solid foundation to work from.  
  • Parental Support – this program works whether you have time to help them or they can even learn by themselves. Our material is carefully designed so children can safely learn on their own.


£57 £47* per term

Term dates are as follows:

January to March

April to June

July to September

October to December 

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Become A Founder And Save


For a limited time only, we are offering a Founder’s discount:

  • Register today and receive a lifetime discount of just £47 every 3 months. 
  • Hours of jam-packed learning featuring fun, engaging, and interactive learning material 
  • Founder Member’s get to request a certain subject/ activity they want to be included
  • This is a recurring payment every 3 months 


Join Today

Give your child the ultimate gift of a new language. They will thank you for years to come for learning Spanish early on. Click the button below to sign up now to foster their desire to learn and open more doors and a brighter future. Join now to lock in this price forever. 

What do you get?

  • 24  pre recorded lessons
  • 12 weeks of lessons
  • Games
  • Cultural activities
  • Worksheets
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Crafts
  • Flashcards/posters


  • Boosts brain power…
  • Improves memory…
  • Enhances decision-making…
  • Their first language is improved…
  • Improves performance in other academic areas.
  • Learning is safe…no social distancing required.
  • Timings are flexible, your children learn when they can and when best suits you and them.
  • Teaching is of consistent high quality.
  • Lessons are evergreen …you can have your children watch and learn over and over again.
  • No having to drop off or pick up your children.
  • We use different advanced learning techniques.

Join your Spanish Membership today to get a lifetime discount on the Founder’s Membership and save on your termly subscription.

Yes please to the summer clubs. Lily-Ann is really enjoying the lessons and it is by far the best lesson out of all the lockdown offerings that she attends – well done for keeping it going!
Thank you for your wonderful work with the children. Steven and I are so impressed at how you engage with the children and keep them busy for an hour – which is not an easy thing to do on line! We just wanted to say thank you and well done for doing such a great job.
Sophia has enjoyed her Spanish Amigos sessions very much, and I’ve been very impressed with the way you handled the transition to online teaching during this difficult time. Sophia is now moving on to secondary school and will miss having classes with you!
I am Eliza’s Mum and I wanted to tell you that she very much enjoyed Spanish online last week, thank you for offering this! I see you are offering an Easter course so I am sure we will be joining that when the details are released.
We love the sessions you do – Molly’s mum has been watching with Molly, and is extremely impressed with the content, delivery and she said she’s been learning Spanish as well!
Evie just made her quesadilla and really enjoyed it, thank you for the recipe. Evie’s really enjoying the Spanish lessons on zoom even though sometimes she is a little shy about joining in.
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